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Prince Albert hospital building emergency helipad
November 5, 2012
Canadian Skies Magazine

Prince Albert Parkland Health Region maintenance staff will this week begin construction of a temporary helicopter landing pad at the Victoria Hospital, in Prince Albert, Sask., to accommodate flights from the STARS helicopter ambulance service.

The helicopter landing pad will be built on the triangle of grassed land just east of the southeast corner of Herb Bassett Home and within 100 metres of the Victoria Hospital Emergency entrance. A helipad within 100 metres of the facility is preferred as patients can be easily transferred from the hospital to the helicopter and vice versa.

If the distance is greater, a road ambulance would be required. This is also the location that consultants working for the Ministry of Health have recommended the permanent helicopter landing pad be built in accordance with Transport Canada regulations. The construction of the permanent helipad is tentatively scheduled to occur in Spring 2013.

The temporary helipad is expected to be completed and in operation within the next few weeks. It will require the pad to be kept clear of trees, bushes, snow or any other obstructions; for nearby light poles to be removed or lowered; for a stretcher pathway from the pad to the hospital entrance; and for provisions for security to stop visitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic on the pad and adjacent roadways to and from the hospital during the landings and takeoffs that the helicopter requires.

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