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Work Safe BC Reviews Logger Rescue Near Ladysmith
LADYSMITH – Two Vancouver Island loggers are recovering after a deep woods accident, and daring helicopter rescue near Ladysmith
February 28th, 2012
CTV Website

Work Safe BC says initial reports show the men were working on a steep slope near Holland Lake Monday morning when a small harvesting crew lost control of a log.The massive slab of wood struck the men sending them flying in different directions. Logging company "Nanaimo Lakes Logging Ltd" quickly called a local helicopter company for an extraction, but operator was busy. BC ambulance was called and launched their rescue helicopter.

Once they arrived on scene from Vancouver the experience rescue crew decided to call in another rescue unit with a chopper more suited for the mission. Five hours later the men arrived in Nanaimo and were moved to the city's regional hospital. One of the loggers only suffered a bruised neck, while the other man is recovering from several broken bones.

While both loggers are expected to make a full recovery some in the forestry industry are questioning the length of the rescue, and decisions made to move the men from a snow covered hill side.

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